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Software Engineer

John Johnson

999 Tverskaya Street
Residence: (902) 555-1234

An accomplished Software Engineer specializing in Object-Oriented Design and Analysis with extensive experience in the full life cycle of the software design process including requirements definition, prototyping, proof of concept, design, interface implementation, testing, and maintenance.


— Possess expertise in Object-Oriented Analysis/Design and Java Development, skilled at progressing from problem statement to well-documented designs.

— Strong knowledge of Java with experience ranging from introduction of version 1.0, adoption of version 1.1 and commitment to using SWLNG for component architecture of product interface.

— Demonstrated understanding of Java Technology potential, recognized as first person to initiate Java as vehicle for RAID Configuration Solution.

— Solid management skills, demonstrated proficiency in leading and mentoring individuals to maximize levels of productivity, while forming cohesive team environments.

— Analytical thinker that consistently resolves ongoing issues or defects, often called upon to consult on problems that have cluded resolution by others.


Sun Certified Programmer/Java 2 Platform, Sun Certified Developer/Java 2 Platfom

Languages Java, C++, C, XML, JavaScript, HTML, Pascal
APIS Swing, Layout Management, Pluggable L&F, Localization, Javadoc, Java Beans, Collections, Java Plug-in, JSP, Servlets, EJB, Java Comm, JNDL, Java Transaction APL
Concept OOA/OOD (UML, Design Patterns; Refactoring), Networking, Unit, Module and Systems Level Testing. 0bfuscation, Multiprocess synchronization, Internationalization
Software Visual Cafe, Borland J Builder, Rational Rose, Continues Version Control System, Lotus Notes, Word, Excel. Dash-O-Pro (Obfuscation), WhiteBox Deep Cover (Code Metrics)
Systems Windows (95, 98, 2000, NT), NCR MP-RAS, UNIX
Hardware RAID Disk Arrays, PCs, Peripherals, Network/Memory Cards, NCR 3600, NCR 5100


AAA, Chicago, IL
Java Technical Lead/Legacy Software Group
2000 - Present

Manage Java development projects within Legacy Software Group for $500 million manufacturer of RAID-based storage system solutions. Performed evaluation of JLRO technology to integrate into new SAN management solution. Supported NCR with port of 5UN's 1.2.2 JVM to MF-RA5 operating system.

— Evaluated Graph Layout Tool Kit to provide "proof of concept" for application that allows user interface more flexible representation of devices managed by configuration utility.

— Managed implementation for port of RAID Storage Array configuration utility (SYMsm7) to IRIX, providing technical support for evaluation team at SGL, which contributed to obtaining SGL as customer for host configuration software and storage array products.

— Hold classes targeted at familiarizing the support team with the functionality of the SYMsm7 product, reducing requirement to involve developers in critical support resolution scenarios.


BBB, Dallas, TX
Software Engineer Java Design and Development

Served as Charter Member of Design Team for first Java-based RAID Storage Array configuration utility. Designed architecture including requirements definition, object modeling design, tier structure development and user interface definition. Evaluated and recommended technologies including Java version, client model, UI component framework/tool sets, development environment, testing and metrics tools sets. Defined product coding standards, change tracking system and internationalization requirements. Coordinated with User Interface team to create- UL prototypes. Supported design of network security architecture.

— Developed "proof of concept" product, made presentation to management, obtained approval and implemented Java product as framework for Storage Array configuration utility, which reduced cost of porting to 11 operating systems and allowed focus on OEM resolutions.

— Created utility that enabled creation of downloadable packages with remote Storage Array controller operating code version dependencies and displayable attribute identifiers.

— Implemented Configuration Snapshot utility to allow configuration of RAID Storage Array to be captured for backup or replication tasks.

— Instituted system to track OEM sales of "Premium Features" including creation of globally unique "Feature Enable Keys," Key Creation Tracking, Specialized Report Generation and Automated E-mail Report Delivery.


CCC Corporation, New York, NY
Solutions Development/Support Team Lead Engineer

Oversaw engineering and development for Level 6 NCR 3600 systems integration test process within NCR Large Systems Integration Group. Developed online system to streamline testing process. Created testing methodology for UNIX platform integration.

— Implemented online system for testing documentation, tracking and reporting that provided sharing of test plans/results among team members, reducing testing cycle duration, decreasing testing platform duplication, and improving tracking of test areas of proven trouble spots.

— Established standardized testing methodology for UNIX platform integration, providing well defined testing procedures that allowed student interns to execute testing functions freeing the engineering team to focus on test planning, and problem analysis and resolution.


Wichita State University, Wichita, KS
B.S. in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics, Magna Cum Laude
Vice-president, Mortar Board National Honor Society
Member, Gold Key National Honor Society
Founding Member and Vice-president of Wichita State Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

National Technological Institute Completed 20 hours towards Masters Degree in Software Engineering



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