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Business Consultant — Project Manager

John Johnson

15 Applegate Drive
Dallas. IX 775332
Residence: (902) 555-1234

National & International Expertise
Pro-active Change Manager

Accomplished and integrity-driven professional offering over 20 years at business success on national and international levels with strong concentration and enormous success in project management and customer service management. Inlingual executive provides extensive experience in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

Recognized as a savvy leader with strengths in reengineering business processes, defining continuous improvement processes, presiding over lively brainstorming sessions, building consensus, recognizing and accelerating peers strengths. delegating the "right" task to the "right person" and building powerful teams that can conquer any obstacles. Intelligent businessman with highly diverse business knowledge and propensity to initiate positive changes. Praised for prudently managing human and financial resources and continually extinguishing "hres." Not afraid to delve into "unchartered waters." Capitalize on strong business acumen and natural leadership talents to steerteams and company in new directions. "True leaders are not those who strive to be first but those who are first to strive and who give their all for the success of the team."

Professional Strengths:
Project Management
Marketing Support
Customer Service Management
Lean Manufacturing
Order Fulfillment
Sales & Marketing
Complex Tender & Bid Analysis
Crisis Management
Materials Management
Strategic Planning
International Laws & Regulations
Problem Resolution

1979 to Present

(International manufacturer of healthcare equipment boasting 20.000 employees and safes of $500+ million in 2001.)

Developed excellent reputation among colleagues and executives; referred to as an "icon" by manager.

Project Manager
2000 to Present
Recognized as a 'perfect fit' for Project Manager role, recommended by Vice President and tapped for leadership position to leverage business expertise in Far East coupled with international experience, product knowledge and success in dealing with customers throughout Eastern Hemisphere. Spearheaded projects ranging from $12 million to $50 million; collaborated with staff of 20 and led team of Engineers, Financial and Costing Managers during critical project milestones.

Notable Achievements:
Presided oven ground-breaking, $150 million SAP Project. Project involved new computer systems, LAN, WAN and e-mail system and lasted 6 weeks. Despite upper management's support, had to tight staff's initial resistance and unwillingness to change. Led 40-50 staff members. Results:

— Combated resistance by conducting one-one-one and group training sessions to help staff understand nuances of systems.
— With no prior SAP project management experience, delivered project on time and on budget.
— Program drove efficiency levels 30% and exceeded projected $100 million in annual cost savings.
— Played lead role in design of critical front end process for the order fulfillment module in SAP.

Based on above success, approached by Texas's Regional Director and asked to led SAP Project for Texas region. Project also delivered on time and on budget. Results:

— Project completed in 5 weeks and instaneous profits and revenue enhancements were delivered; noted as a successful endeavor.

Championed implementation of financial management, costing, materials management, production planning and order fulfillment initiatives in Germany and Holland from March 2000 to March 2001. Formed and trained team of 22 "Power Users" on SAP. who in turn, trained their colleagues and handled SAP issues that arose subsequent to deployment. Results:

— Quickly overcame cultural differences among US and Germany and Holland colleagues. Fostered long-term relationship with these counterparts.



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